Q: Why is my order on hold?
For North Carolina seasonal packages, all orders are held until the ordering period ends and shipped together to each of the facilities on a predetermined delivery schedule. This information will be updated with each seasonal program.  Click Here should you have any questions regarding your order and need further assistance.
Q. How can I tell if my package has delivered to the facility?
All packages will be shipped at one time shortly following the ordering period and will be delivered on a predetermined delivery schedule after the ordering period ends.  The institutions will distribute the packages accordingly, shortly after their arrival at the facility.  You can find this information by e-mailing us at
NCcustomerservice@unionsupplydirect.com and we will reply to you via e-mail within 24 hours.
Q. What are the delivery dates for the Summer program?
Please see chart below for the delivery date for each facility.
Facility Name Delivery Date
ALBEMARLE CI 6/24/2021
ALEXANDER 6/23/2021
ANSON 6/28/2021
BERTIE CI 6/17/2021
CALDWELL CC 6/16/2021
CALEDONIA CI 6/22/2021
CARTERET CC 6/21/2021
CASWELL CC 6/24/2021
CATAWBA CC 6/23/2021
COLUMBUS CI 6/14/2021
CRAGGY CC 6/17/2021
CRAVEN CI 6/14/2021
DAN RIVER PWF 6/24/2021
DAVIDSON CC 6/24/2021
EASTERN CI 6/15/2120
FOOTHILLS CI 6/16/2021
FORSYTH CC 6/24/2021
FRANKLIN CC 6/15/2120
GASTON CC 6/23/2021
GREENE CI 6/15/2120
HARNETT CI 6/23/2021
HOKE CI 6/22/2021
HYDE CI 6/24/2021
JOHNSTON CI 6/15/2120
LINCOLN CC 6/23/2021
LUMBERTON CI 6/22/2021
MARION CI 6/16/2021
MAURY CI 6/14/2021
MORRISON CI 6/22/2021
NASH CI 6/22/2021
NC CI WOMEN 6/14/2021
NEUSE CI 6/15/2120
NEW HANOVER CC 6/21/2021
North Piedmont CC 6/24/2021
ODOM CI 6/21/2021
ORANGE CC 6/17/2021
PAMLICO CI 6/24/2021
PENDER CI 6/21/2021
PIEDMONT CI 6/16/2021
POLK YI 6/15/2120
RANDOLPH CC 6/24/2021
SAMPSON CI 6/15/2120
SANFORD CC 6/17/2021
SCOTLAND C.I. 6/21/2021
SOUTHERN CI 6/22/2021
SWANNANOA 6/17/2021
TABOR 6/23/2021
TYRRELL PWF 6/17/2021
WAKE CC 6/17/2021
WARREN CI 6/15/2120
WILKES CC 6/16/2021
Q:  What happens if the package is refused at the correctional facility?
Should the package(s) be refused because of our error, we will correct the problem and reship the package to the inmate at no charge to you.  Should the package be refused for some other reason, we will provide a refund to the person purchasing the order minus a $3.00 restocking fee.  Shipping is not refundable.
Q: My inmate transferred – what will happen to my order? 
If your loved one has transferred to a new location the facility will notify Enterprise and they will transfer the package on the weekly Enterprise truck. You package will arrive at the inmates new facility within 2 weeks of notification.
Q: How do I get my credit for shortages? 
Please report shortages to our Customer Service Department by emailing us at
NCcustomerservice@unionsupplydirect.com. Our Customer Service Department will then verify your claim against our system’s scanning and shipping records.  Union Supply Group has the right to deny the claim if our records show the order was completed and shipped 100% accurate.
Q:  How do I place an order?
  You can place your order directly from this website
     • To begin, you must enter the inmate's 7 digit identification number / OPUS number
     • Select the correct facility where the inmate resides
     • To ensure your package gets to your inmate, please be sure to pick the correct facility and gender.
     • Make product selections and then go to checkout.
     • We also accept orders via phone, fax and mail 
Q:  How do I know these items are acceptable at the facility?
We have taken the guess work out of shopping for you.  All items offered in this program have been approved by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Division of Adult Correction so you can shop with the assurance that everything we make available has been pre-approved.
Q: What if I do not know the name of the correctional facility?
  It is very important that you choose the correct facility in which your inmate resides or your package will get refused.  If you are not sure of the facility name, we have included a helpful link to the North Carolina Department of Correction website.  You can then review a map of the state which may help you confirm the correct facility. 
Q:  What if items in my order are out of stock?
  In the unlikely event that something is out of stock, your credit card will not be charged for that item or if you paid by check, you will receive a refund for any items we were unable to include.
Q:  Do you make substitutions?
  We will only make substitutions if you approve us to do so.  If you approve substitutions, we will substitute with an item of equal or greater value.  If placing an order from the web, during registration, if you would like for us to substitute items, please check the box which states you agree to have substitute items sent. 
Q: What if something in the order is broken or defective?
  If there is a problem with your order or something is broken or defective upon delivery, please contact our customer service department at
NCcustomerservice@unionsupplydirect.com so that it can be resolved.
Q: Is there a toll-free number available to call?
  Yes, you can contact customer service toll-free at (877)765-7011